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How To Spot Signs of Foundation Problems

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Foundation failure can be a costly, and significant, problem in its own right. If left unattended, even relatively minor foundation problems can grow into much bigger, and extremely costly, repairs down the road.

The best remedy against potentially costly expenses is to monitor your foundation for potential signs of damage and fix these issues as soon as you spot them. Most foundation failure problems usually manifest in other parts of the home, often multiple levels above the underlying foundation.

Not all of these signs are foundation issues! The same “signs” can be created by water intrusion. If you know what to look for you could save money by fixing some cracks and stopping the leak before someone makes you believe you need expensive foundation repair.

How To Spot The Signs of Foundation Problems

Here are four tell-tale signs of possible foundation problems that you should look out for during home inspection:


Crumbling, Cracking or Compromised Foundation

Always start your routine property inspection with the foundation itself.

Built to last, the foundation must never show any noticeable signs of compromise on the structure’s integrity, such as:

  • Hairline cracks and fractures whether horizontal, vertical or zigzagging
  • Gaps or raptures
  • Sagging, sloping or buckling of foundation walls or floors
  • Flaking or crumbling of the concrete
  • Moisture including water leaks, stains, and mold

Conduct these inspections inside your home and within the basement, as well as along the foundation’s exterior surfaces.

Certain types of cracks can be repaired easily without the need of complete foundation repair. Call me to find out which types of cracks in your foundation can be fixed in a day’s work.


Water Damage and Soil Shifting

Water intrusion is one of the leading causes of foundation problems. The expansion and contraction of soil around the home during wet and dry seasons respectively can result in unnatural soil shifting – a process that mounts tremendous pressure on your home’s foundation.

Besides being a major cause of foundation damage, water intrusion is also an indicator that foundation failure has already taken place. Cracks in the foundation can redirect water to lower soil levels, causing a massive buildup of moisture around your property.

Whether a cause or symptom, water intrusion requires immediate attention. Call a leak detection specialist for leak repair immediately – before the problem worsens!


Warped Ceilings and Sagging Floors

Foundation problems can sometimes manifest in the upper levels of the home – often in the forms of warped ceilings and sagging floors. Always be on the lookout for open gaps where interior walls are supposed to meet with the ceiling and floor.

Call a crack repair company as soon you spot any open gaps in your home.


Improperly Fitting Doors and Windows

All of the doors and windows throughout your home should fit in place seamlessly – neither too loose or too tight. Even if they are not the result of foundation failure, it is important that you fix these problems as soon as possible.

Improperly fitting doors and windows often result in unregulated heat loss and unusually high energy bills.

Cracks around windows and doors are an easy fix for us and you when you make an appointment.

If you leave the crack exposed, every time it rains water can travel behind the brick and pool on the foundation creating future foundation issues. Please know, a crack or leak is a big deal!

If not fixed as soon as possible, it leads to expensive foundation problems in the future.


What To Do When You See Signs of Foundation Problems

Unstable or damaged foundations can quickly result in costly and drawn-out repairs. You can save thousands of dollars by looking out for early warning signs of foundation problems.
So, if you notice signs of foundation problems like uneven floors, cracks in walls, cracks in brick, cracks around windows and doors or sticking doors and windows, call us!


How Our Inspection Report Saves You Money On Foundation Problems

Not all cracks are signs of foundation issues! Some could be related to a water leak or water intrusion. Before you call a foundation repair company call us, we can evaluate your situation with an inspection. Our inspection will let you know whether it is an easy fix or what you will need to fix your issue.

If you, in fact, need some serious foundation repair, you can take our inspection report with you and know exactly what needs to be done before your foundation guy shows up. This way you can shop around for the best quote on the work and save money by not getting expensive repairs that are unneeded to solve your issue.

Hey, I know your home is your biggest investment! It is my passion to educate homeowners on the best ways to protect their home and investment. I can take one look at you home and tell you exactly what is going on and how to fix it. They don’t call me the “Home Doctor” for nothing.

Feel confident you are making the best decision by contacting an experienced, professional leak detection repair company for an affordable and accurate analysis report on your home in order to prescribe an appropriate repair solution. We are here for you!

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