About Our Company

Over 25 years of experience helping homeowners has inspired our mission: We aren’t just fixing rain leaks, we are educating you about the importance of preventative maintenance and protecting the overall structure of your home.
  1. Our Humble Beginnings

    TLC’s Home Repair Is Born

    We started out as TLC’s Home Repair which focused on remodeling homes.
  2. Niche Market Opportunity

    Terry recognizes a great need in the marketplace

    While still remodeling homes as TLC’s Home Repair, Terry realizes that rain-related water intrusion is a wide-spread issue with most homes. His patent-pending repair method started yielding more demand and opened the doors to a specialized field in rain-related leak detection.
  3. The Pivotal Moment

    Terry's focus became a passion for educating

    As Terry focused more on rain-related water intrusion he grew a great passion for educating prospective and first-time homebuyers on how to make a sound investment by performing a waterproofing leak inspection before bidding on a home.

    He discovered inspectors missing key signs of rain-related leaks and felt those repairs should be on the bargaining table for the seller to pay for, not the buyers.

  4. Leap of Faith

    Terry makes the jump to his new company Leak Trackers

    After two years of R&D, Terry makes it official by formally switching and rebranding TLC’s Home Repair (remodeling homes) to Leak Trackers, specializing in rain-related water intrusion.
  5. The Team

    Present Day

    Excited about our new website, education program and future publications

    Leak Trackers has close to 500 reviews on Angie’s List and is ever expanding our happy customer base. We are looking forward to branching into new cities and being recognized for our education and home services digital magazine.

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