About Our Company

Over 25 years of experience helping homeowners has inspired our mission: We aren’t just fixing rain leaks, we are educating you about the importance of preventative maintenance and protecting the overall structure of your home.
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From the moment you request a quote to the end of the job – expect nothing but professional one tier quality service.

We are experts in finding the source of rain-related leaks. Not only do we find the source, we stop it from becoming an even bigger problem in the future. If rain water is leaking in your home- that is what we fix.

2. Custom Work Quote

We don’t believe in cutting corners, we believe in educating each client on the real concerns of their home.

We stop leaks that you are currently aware of and prevent any we may see as problematic for the future. Think of us as future proofing your home from possibly detrimental leaks.

3. Book a time

We provide quality work and dependability you can count on.

We are a homeowners advocate. When you schedule a job with our experts, you can expect us to be on time, ready to work and professional. A leak-free warranty is offered with all repairs. Ask us about our offers.

Looking to buy a new home? Ask about our FREE waterproofing home inspection.