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Over 25 years of experience helping homeowners has inspired our mission: We aren’t just fixing rain leaks, we are educating you about the importance of preventative maintenance and protecting the overall structure of your home.

Window Leak Detection and Repair


Common Issues

Builders, handymen, and painters all use inferior material to glaze your windows. These materials generally in the course of the first five years of installation (right about the time when your warranty is up of course!) does just what inferior materials do: they fail, get brittle, and crack allowing water to get in behind your brick around the window creating a window leak on the next floor down or below the source as gravity acts on the water.


What do I look for?

Telltale signs of a window leak are failing window glazing, cracks found around your window frames, transition cracks from the window frame to brick or wood siding, open lentils, and a stair stepping crack or fractures through the brick in your masonry near the window.


What can happen if it’s not fixed?

In extreme cases- when left in disrepair- we have seen the window frame pulled down along with the structure holding it up shearing off the brick window sill with bricks falling into the flower garden below. This happens because the window frame is attached to the wood structure of your home.

If your wood structure starts to fail because of wood rot from rain water intrusion then it will pull the window frame down with it creating damage to the brick window sill below. Cracks through the brick around your window are a red flag saying “STRUCTURE IS BEING AFFECTED!” It always gets worse; it never gets better.

We can’t fix the window leak unless we fix the surrounding areas that are causing the leak. If we simply just fix the window glazing itself the leak will not be completely fixed. By fixing the leak from the source we can prevent any of this major damage from occurring and save your flower garden from bricks falling into it!


What is the solution?

We will carefully search, detect, and seal the window leak. Our process has proven to be a permanent fix in most of our client’s cases; however, window repairs come with a 5-year warranty to back up our guarantee of quality work.


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